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Hi! I'm Henry, I write for Can You Hear This along with Mikey and Jonah. This is our Tumblr; for music and just about everything else.
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Life Ning - Snow Patrol. 'A hand upon my forehead, the joy and the luagh. Waking up in your arms, a place to call my own.' 

Rewired - Kasabian. This feels a little bit… exciting, right? Right.

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Cemetery Guns- Fountains of Wayne. Deeply enjoyable, just listen to that military beat all the way through. Have a great Sunday!

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It’s Friday. I had the most dreadful week at school, am ill and am about to embark on a nap that may or may not last until tomorrow morning. While trying to find a song of the day, I scrolled down until I found one that was most appropriate. So here you go, a brilliant little Strokes number. It raised my spirits a (little) bit. Have a good night, guys.

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Tighten Up- The Black Keys. It’s Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday. So I’m in a particularly good mood with the prospect of the weekend. Have a rock out to this amazing tune. 

sol. - Mausi

Tunes for Tuesday! Here’s a brand new find by Mikey. Check it out.

Big Baby- Spectrals

Feel like some genre-transcending music for your Monday? Spectral’s got it covered:

Big Baby - Spectrals.

Freedom Run- The Rifles

Modern rock for your Monday! Check out some of the freshest, most upbeat rock there is, because who doesn’t want to be reminded of the ‘happy bits in (500) Days of Summer.’

Freedom Run- The Rifles

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