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Zooey, GaGa, Klaine, Taylor and Bieber!

Morning all! Welcome to the weekend (or should that be Weeknd?) and another post of Ten Things I Love About Pop. This week we have Christmas music (thanks to She & Him and CrissColfer) and a hearty batch of covers, paternity cases and music videos. Check it out:

Ten Things I Love About Pop

sol. - Mausi

Tunes for Tuesday! Here’s a brand new find by Mikey. Check it out.

10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 3

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a lovely week and is going to enjoy this weekend! I’m heading off to New York on Monday so won’t be posting this week. I leave you with my third 10 Things I Love About Pop. This week, we have Florence + the Machine, Kelly Clarkson and M83!

Music Video Round-Up

Hey guys! It’s the middle of the week which only means 2 days until the weekend (Rebecca Black taught me well.) We’ve got a pop-laced treat for you today as we round up the biggest music videos around. It’s done out of love by us, to you. Hope you enjoy!

Videogames: Music Video Round-Up

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Take a listen to this dreamy, rockin’ track form Girls. It’s the perfect track for teenagers everywhere. And thus tailor-made for Tumblr. Here’s our earlier write-up, and the video. 

Honey Bunny- Girls

Hey guys! Hope everyone’s enjoying the start to their week. Feel like listening to some dreamy music on your Tuseday? Girls are here with their beautiful second album and their second single, Honey Bunny is totally awesome. Take a listen, and watch the video (it’s like a Tumblr party):

Honey Bunny- Girls

Princess of China- Coldplay feat. Rihanna. How do we feel about this? I think it’s going to grow on me. In a totally good, hygienic way! We all know how I feel about Rihanna collaborations (I like them), and this doesn’t disappoint. Take a listen. 

Jump in the Fire- Blonde Louis

Breaking basic grammar rules since they added an ‘e’ to their name, here’s Blonde Louis. They’re from the same area as Mikey’s favourite ever band, Look See Proof, so the expectations were high. Clearly, they fulfilled them. Here’s a Can You Hear This exclusive:

Jump in the Fire- Blonde Louis.

10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 2

Hey guys, welcome to the sunny weekend! Feels good, right? Here’s my list of the 10 things I’ve loved about popular music this week. We have some meta Katy Perry covers by way of Darren Criss and Glee, Radiohead updates and She & Him christmas music. You know you want to click that link. 

Here’s last week’s edition:

10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 1

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