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Here’s the MP3 of Meg Myers’ After You, the most beautiful song you’ll hear all day.

After You - Meg Myers

'I'm writing letters in my head'

Contender for the most beautiful song of 2012? Most definitely. 

Here’s our review

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Breakable- Ingrid Michaelson. I’ve always been a huge fan of Ingrid Michaelson. Her song, The Way I Am is utterly beautiful and the album that the song is from, Boys & Girls is equally stunning. Breakable is half Regina Spektor, half mellow Kate Nash and completely endearing. Take a listen, it’s Tuesday. You need a break.

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I Put A Spell On You- She & Him. It’s Sunday morning, let’s relax. Here’s a haunting, beautiful and wonderful cover of I Put A Spell On You. Zooey Deschanel’s voice isn’t traditional, but this isn’t a traditional love song. Take a listen. 

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Hope everyone had a pleasant Monday- only 4 more days of this week! Here’s a beautiful cover of a beautiful song by the beautiful She & Him. That’s a lot of beauty. Zooey makes the lyrics sound effortless and sincere in equal parts in the way only she can. One of the most perfect love songs ever created. Enjoy.

She & Him also feature on our post about songs that sound better when sung by the opposite gender. Katy Perry, Darren Criss and The Beach Boys all star:

Suits You: Sometimes, Boys Should Be Girls.

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