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Rewired - Kasabian. This feels a little bit… exciting, right? Right.

Modern Man- Arcade Fire. So majestic I could cry. 

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I Kissed A Girl (Cover)- William Fitzsibbons. I really, really enjoyed this slowed down, stripped back cover of KP’s break-out song. Perfect for some Sunday night reminiscing about the night before. 

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Chasing Pavements - Adele (Live) Because it doesn’t seem like we’re going to be hearing a live Adele song for a while, here’s the debut single form her first (and some would say superior) first album. Have a great weekend. 

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Waking Up In Vegas- Katy Perry (MTV Unplugged.) This live version is extra special- the male vocalist adds something completely new to the song. It’s a highlight from One Of The Boys and it’s a highlight here. Take a listen, wonder at and buy her latest single dammit! 

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Speechless (LIVE)- Lady Gaga. Well, this is a pretty apt name for a song. Speechless is one of my favourite Lady Gaga tracks and this live performance is something else. There’s a mix of vulnerability and power there, showing how much of a talent Lady Gaga really is.

Now we all know how perfect Katy Perry really is, let’s take a trip down memory lane to Hackensack. It’s another stripped down, acoustic performance that highlights Katy’s beautiful vocals. Listen and I dare you not to feel tingles. It also seems like a major influence on The One That Got Away. 

Hey guys! Tomorrow is Wednesday which means we’re almost over the hump of the week- Friday is nearing in sight already. Here’s a joyous little track to tide you over, courtesy of MTV Unplugged and Vampire Weekend. Live music at its best. 

Look out for our Gleecap which will be online soon, you can catch up with the season premiere here and I Am Unicorn here. See ya!

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