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Hi! I'm Henry, I write for Can You Hear This along with Mikey and Jonah. This is our Tumblr; for music and just about everything else.
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Rewired - Kasabian. This feels a little bit… exciting, right? Right.

Friday Round-Up!

First off, thank you guys for giving us such an awesome first week on Tumblr. To everyone who’s re-blogged and liked our posts: thank you. A specially awesome thanks to everyone who’s started to follow us, I hope you guys will enjoy this ride as much as we will! Anyway, as the week draws to a close (although we’re aware that Tumblr never sleeps!), here are some highlights on the blog this week:

What We’re Listening To: Week 2

Our weekly playlist, featuring Kasabian, Orson, Jimmy Eat World and Ingrid Michaelson. That’s rock, a love song and catchy choruses in one easy place:

What We’re Listening To: Week 2

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