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It’s Friday. I had the most dreadful week at school, am ill and am about to embark on a nap that may or may not last until tomorrow morning. While trying to find a song of the day, I scrolled down until I found one that was most appropriate. So here you go, a brilliant little Strokes number. It raised my spirits a (little) bit. Have a good night, guys.

What We’re Listening To: Edition 6

Hey guys! Welcome to our first installment of our Friday posts. Round one: The songs that have been spinning around our heads for the last week. We have some power-pop, depressing pop and catchy pop for you this week! Take a listen, have safe Fridays! 

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Breakable- Ingrid Michaelson. I’ve always been a huge fan of Ingrid Michaelson. Her song, The Way I Am is utterly beautiful and the album that the song is from, Boys & Girls is equally stunning. Breakable is half Regina Spektor, half mellow Kate Nash and completely endearing. Take a listen, it’s Tuesday. You need a break.

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Tighten Up- The Black Keys. It’s Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday. So I’m in a particularly good mood with the prospect of the weekend. Have a rock out to this amazing tune. 

sol. - Mausi

Tunes for Tuesday! Here’s a brand new find by Mikey. Check it out.

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Extraordinary Machine- Fiona Apple. I’m horrendously jetlagged today and have a mountain of prep so I faced the decision between an upbeat song to pump me up or one to totally relax me. Fear not, fearers of extremes! I went for Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine which is a bizarre mix of pop and alternative edginess. It’s also perfect. Or rather, imperfectly perfect. Which just makes it more perfect. That’s the time difference talking. Stop reading me and listen. See ya tomorrow!

10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 3

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a lovely week and is going to enjoy this weekend! I’m heading off to New York on Monday so won’t be posting this week. I leave you with my third 10 Things I Love About Pop. This week, we have Florence + the Machine, Kelly Clarkson and M83!

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Remember this? Retro, man. One of the favourite songs from my youth, The Dandy Warhols always seemed unbearably cool. Here’s a post we did about songs that you can singalong to when you really can’t sing (I speak from experience!):

Chat-Up Lines: Songs That The Musically Impaired Can Sing Along To.

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Take a listen to this dreamy, rockin’ track form Girls. It’s the perfect track for teenagers everywhere. And thus tailor-made for Tumblr. Here’s our earlier write-up, and the video. 

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