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The Ultimate Glist: Continued!

Hey all! We’ve been counting down the 20 best songs to appear on Glee and we’ve reached number 15. For Darren Criss on sofas, Dianna Agron in a cheerleader’s outfit and the ever-sassy Amber Riley, check it out!

The Ultimate Glist: Glee’s 20 Best Songs

That moment you realise how awesome Beyoncé is that you have five versions of her song on your iPod.

The Ultimate Glist: Glee’s Top 20 Songs

Glee is conspicuous by its absence this week but never mind, we have a treat for all you Gleeks. For the next three weeks, we’ll be counting down Glee’s top 20 songs (in our eyes.) This week: Darren Criss’ love songs, Lea’s unstoppable beat and some group rapping. Check it out, comment, reblog: do whatever you can for the Glee fandom you guys! You’re all awesome, so let’s Glee-ify these next 3 weeks:

Glee’s Top 20 Songs

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The Weekly Gleecap!

Hey guys, did you tune in for Glee this week. Check out our weekly Gleecap, featuring some fabulous Mercedes solos and one awesome Brittany showstopper:

Gleecap: Asian F

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