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The 9 Most ‘Acceptable’ Taylor Swift Songs

State of Grace is up there:

The greatest U2 song Taylor Swift ever wrote. It’s lyrical brilliance, pop grandeur and perfect intimacy all at once.’

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So good #tokillaking #funeral

Taylor Swift just redefined her sound. What happens next?

Yeahhhhhh, go read our take. 

6 reasons why music in the UK has never been better

Or, Bastille: yay! Pop on over to read. 

7 Things Being 22 Entails According To Taylor Swift

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5) Unrealistic amounts of alcohol

As in, where the hell is it? There are vague references to late-night munchies (not those types) and there’s a party but where’s the tequila? Where are the shots? Where’s the vomiting? Don’t lie to us, Swift. These are rough years and alcohol’s your BFF.’

Till We Die (feat. Nina Kinert) - Tomas Barfod

What a smouldering stare, Tomas. Check out his tune Till We Die here.

The City - The 1975

The 1975

The 1975 (or whatever one of their other names you prefer) have a new song out, The City! Here it in full here:

(Mildly Serious) Gleecap Time!

Hey! Got nothing better to do on a Friday night? Nor me. Here’s our Gleecap of On My Way. Detailed analysis (I discuss the songs), sharp wit (I try to make some jokes) and wonderful insight (I blub over the plotlines.) Follow this link

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